Not all video is created equal and that’s why we can’t treat it all the same. When designing a viewing area we take into consideration the source type and quality, budget, and user preference. Through the use of video matrices, multiple display and protector technologies, outdoor video, and specialty displays like mirrored televisions, waterproof displays, and TV lifts we have a solution for every need.

Distributed Video

With video matrices you can watch connected sources (cable, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) anywhere in the house. You can start a program in the living room and finish watching it as you fall asleep in bed. You also have the option to play a single source on all the televisions in your home.

Specialty Displays

Bringing décor and functionality together. Inspire AV has specialty solutions for integrating your video needs while maintain the décor of an area.

Mirrored Televisions

Mirror televisions look and function like a mirror when it’s not in use, but can be used to watch video when powered on.

Waterproof Televisions

Waterproof TVs are the perfect way incorporate displays in areas that were previously off limits such as in the shower or by the sink.

Outdoor Televisions

If you want to watch video outside, a weatherproof television or projector may be the choice for you.

Video Tiling

With video tiling you can watch four, six, or nine video feeds on one screen. Perfect for the sports enthusiast.

Motorized TV lifts &


Another way to remove televisions from site is with TV lifts.