With IP Cameras and DVRs, you can easily keep an eye on your investment.  Inspire AV offers a large range of cameras from standard options to high definition pan, tilt, zoom surveillance with night vision capability. In addition to recording the footage to a DVR, not only can you receive alerts to your smart device you have the option of securely viewing the footage live so you can always keep an eye on things from your home or even from another country.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry solutions allow you to assign and monitor when/who accesses which door. Keyless entry can be used as an entry solution for your business to securing a stock room or back office. With a keyless entry lock, you can add and remove users as needed as well as tract the days and times they access a specific entrance.

Access Control

Access control allow you to unlock and grant access to your business through a web browser or mobile device.  In addition to door locks, you can also control garage doors and elevators.

Benefits of Access Control

  • Make it easier for receptionist to grant access to clients
  • Remotely open garage door for deliveries
  • Remotely grant access to employees who forgot their key or ID card